“I hate old people!” – Angry Old Sámi Ladies

Sinte gamle samedamer (Angry old Sámi Ladies) is a dance performance and a hard-hitting artistic fist aimed at the stigmatization of indigenous women and women of age in general. Musically, seductively, furiously and sensually, the artists challenge the myths and norms related to women over a certain age, as well as women of Sápmi origin and affiliation, with goal to give women from all over Sápmi a voice; from the loud roar of the depths to the quiet voice of the plateau.



Supporters: Norwegian Cultural Council, Daiddafoanda, Sámi archive, Trondheim Municipality, Trøndelag County Municipality

Idea, script, choreography & producer: Stina Rávdná Lorås
Co-creative dancers: Ada Einmo Jürgensen & Elisabeth Heilmann Blind
Photographer: Torgrim Halvari
Co-choreographer: Yaniv Cohen
Technique: Lorents – Christian Ryan
Co-producer: DansiT

Angry Old Sámi Ladies by Draug Productions
Angry Old Sámi Ladies by Draug Productions (NO)

Special Thanks:
DansiTRosendal TeaterVerkstedhallen & LobbyenMultiplié dansefestival


The performance is built on words, silent movement, body, and rhythm and is a gathered material piece.  Work questions in what ways does the life we’ve lived, not necessarily our age, but the experiences we’ve had, affect our bodies? Is there a true Sámi way of life, a community for all Sámi women, or are we too separated? Are we on the same page, or are we at odds with one another? The voices of the ladies we interacted with will be conveyed through text and audio recordings. Piece by piece, in a holistic and intimate manner.

Using soundscapes, rhythms, natural sounds in rooms, voices along with props such as chairs, textiles and classic tools related to the role of women the performance highlights a way to take back sexuality and make it our own strength without being objectified.

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