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The Environmental Theatre in Hemnes is located near the Okstindan mountain range in northern Norway. The mountain range and its glacier is a central natural form visible both from the sea and the inland.


ARTISTS (2013-2022)

Playwright: Stig Bang
Composer: Kjell-Joar Petersen-Øverleir 
Composer Yoiks: Frode Fjellheim 
Directing/Choreography: Ada Einmo J
Musical Director: Tor-Petter Aanes
Scenography: Hans-Petter Bjørnådal


Klemet Persson/Lipien Kleamma: Sverre Porsanger
Anna (his wife): Ingá Márjá Sarre
Stor Nila / Niila Njajta: Mads Utstrand

Klemet Persson/Lipien Kleamma: Simon Marainen
Anna (his wife): Marja Lisa Thomasson
Stor Nila / Niila Njajta: Lars-Sivert Larssen

Klemet Persson/Lipien Kleamma: Nils Henrik (Nico) M Buljo
Anna (his wife): Anna Åsdell
Stor Nila / Niila Njajta: Halvard Holmen

Klemet Persson/Lipien Kleamma: Simon Marainen
Anna (his wife): Anna Åsdell
Stor Nila / Niila Njajta: Sven Henriksen

Klemet Persson/Lipien Kleamma: Simon Marainen
Anna (his wife): Cecilia Persson
Stor Nila / Niila Njajta: Reidar Sørensen

A professional band of 5 musicians and 40 local amateurs from 8 to 60 years on stage.


2022 | The scenography by Hans Petter Bjørnådal won several international awards, and was also presented in the book “Recycled Theatre” which represents interrelated trends in contemporary theatre architecture. Narodni Museum, Grada Publishing AS.
2018 | German Design Award (winner)
2016 | WAN-Awards
2016 | APDC*IDA Awards (Winner: Religious and Spiritual Building)


Around 1900 the indigenous Sámi reindeer herder, Klemet Person lived with his family, wife and 6 children, under a rock between the Okstindan Glacier in the mountains and the farmers in the valley. He was torn between living the traditional Sámi nomadic way of life and the pastoral life of the farmers.

Living so near them as an outcast the farmers still remember him very clearly, and there are many stories told about him and his shamanistic abilities, both by Sámi people and Norwegians in the area. Many of these stories about these cultural meetings and challenges have been collected by local historians. This outdoor play has been performed biennially since 2013.


(…) The actors capture the audience, enchant them with music, song, theater and unique scenery. It is a wide spectrum that is served to an audience hungry for “Klemetspelet”, after the corona postponement, an audience which amounted to around 2,400 people in total for 4 perfomances. And the public is served more than a ‘seven-course meal’. It is a completed totality that leaves us spellbound. The ‘dessert’ lies in the diversity, the accomplished directing and the aesthetic premises; folkdance, scythe-tattoo, line dance, hay festival atmosphere, lovely singing, joik, convincing acting, humour, seriousness and charm from A to Z. The play’s theme of outsiders, standing out, bullying and village talk, is just as difficult, painful and relevant today. – As the play problematizes this, it engages more than an entire village, unites young and old, amateur and professional, and erases the differences, colors the rainbow with all colors and makes room for everyone, and gathers it into a whole. (…)
Newspaper: Avisa  Hemnes, by Edel Annie Tverberg

(…) Klemetspelet 2022 turned out to be an adventurous and colorful, indeed magical experience even in daylight. Never before has the play appeared as exuberant, as well played and as tightly directed as this year. (…) Theater magic has been created on the play grounds every time the Klemetspellet has been staged, but never has the magic been as sparkling and enchanting as in this year’s play. Klemetspelet 2022 is simply a high-class ensemble performance. You just have to take a deep bow and start looking forward to the next round.(…)
Ranano , by Kristian Rødvand

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