A theater project by the Røyrvik Municipality, The local Sámi culture association (Luvlie Nåamesjen Dajve) and the. Local Norwegian history association. (Røyrvik Historielag) They collected and shared stories from both the Sami and the Norwegian points of view, life and reality in the municipality



Brought to realization by Nord-Trøndelag Teater and
Åarjelhsaemien Teatere

Playwright: Arne Anderson
Composer: Frode Fjellheim
Director: Liv Hege Nylund. (Nord-Trøndelag Teater)
Choreographer/co-director: Ada Einmo Jürgensen
(Åarjelhsaemien Teatere)

In close corporation with the local culture- administration by Anne Bjørg E. Svestad, projectleader/socionom Berit C.
Fiskum and all the Sami and Norwegian peoples in the community.

Actors; children and adults all from the local area, also the musicians. 1 professional actor. All costumes made by local handicraft ladies, local Sami and Norwegian tradition and also designed by scenographer Hans Petter Harboe.

From the tent: Alexander Kjølstad
Other photos: Ina-Theres Sparrok


The Røyrvik project “Bridges between Cultures” – A Theater as Community-healing Project. The goal was to create greater understanding. And tolerance between Saami and Norwegian cultures. There were hardly any meetings between Saami and Norwegian people except when conflicts arose, and Saami and Norwegian history existed as parallel stories.

Performed in a huge lavvo (sami traditional tent)

  • In the beginning the idea was unity. To create a good place to exist where we can get together and agree upon what is our common history. The possibilities. And this projects own wish to grow we knew nothing about then. All the possibilities were open.
  • Pain is brutal to expose and tough to heal
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